Certified, Professional Tantra Massage Training

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What is a true Tantra massage?

“In its highest form, Tantra massage has the potential to be an initiation into a direct experience of the world of Tantra.”

– John Hawken  


This course has been developed to set a benchmark and standard for what Tantra Massage should stand for at the pinnacle of what it can be. The training is about learning to receive and give Tantra massage as an initiation into Tantra.    The word Tantra has been often misappropriated to sell sexual services under the name Tantra massage. Even the best-intentioned massages often overemphasize the sexual aspect of Tantra, which is fundamentally about sacred sexuality expressed through the heart.  Tantra is an ancient practice that opens the door to an experience of ourselves as beings of energy and consciousness



To experience yourself as a bridge between heaven and earth, earth and heaven.

To experience that you have an energy body as well as a physical

Body, through which you can connect to the ocean of life energy that surrounds you.

Your body is the sacred temple of your spirit.

Sacred sexuality is about being, not doing.

Experiencing the energy body takes you into expanded consciousness.

To experience yourself as a formless flow of energy, taking form through the conscious focus of your awareness 



Touch is a vital form of nourishment and affirmation, and sensual massage a way of communicating non-verbally and directly. To receive a Tantra massage is to be initiated into tantric experience and tantric consciousness. Often Tantra massage can be the first contact with energy and the energy body and the potential of expanding sexual energy into the whole body. On the path of touch, you learn to give these massage initiations, whether privately to a partner or professionally to clients. At The Paths of Transformation, we teach and transmit a wide breadth of Tantra and erotic massage, together with an understanding of presence and different kinds of touch, both physical and energetic.

Sequences of techniques that form a developmental series of deepening initiations are shared, which can be used with a lover to go deep into intimacy, or as a professional to open the first door into Tantra for your clients.



This course is designed for people who want, through tantric massage, to get more in touch with their body, open their body to energy, heal any old disapproval of their bodies and negative feelings like fear or shame, and to learn to deeply relax, so that their natural energy will start to flow and thus bring up any physical, energetic or emotional issues that need to be released or healed.

The body has its own wisdom and if we or our mind can stop being in the way, then beautiful moments can happen that will connect us again with our natural state of oneness, pleasure, joy and flow



Those who are interested in becoming a qualified and experienced professional Tantra massage practitioner

Existing massage practitioners who wish to add Tantra to their repertoire 

Existing Tantra massage practitioners who wish to expand their repertoire of practice and techniques and who enjoy the philosophy of Tantra as well as the practices 

Anyone who wants to dive deeply into the practice of Tantra massage

To this end, it consists of 3 four day blocks, and for those who want to get a professional certificate, they need to do block 4 and the continuing studies as well.



Those completing the 16 days training will be awarded a Certificate of Training as a Tantra massage practitioner.

Those completing 10 supervision sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Competence as Professional Practitioner of Initiatory Tantra Massage.

Those who are fully certified will have their names published on the Path of Touch website as approved practitioners.   

Due to its depth and authenticity Practitioners holding this Training Certificate qualify for Student Insurance for their work through ASIS (the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexology)


This is a Closed Group training so it is not possible to join the training if you miss the first module.

Certified, Profi Tantra Massage Training, Module 4


Module  4:

For Professional Practitioners - Creating a  step-by-step initiation into antra for a  client 

What does it really mean to create a  step-by-step initiation into Tantra for a  client? 

We will learn and practice a programme  of massages that take a client from being  motivated largely by the desire for sexual  relief into a full experience of the tantric  energy.  This programme offers a variety of massage  experiences moving into different levels  and creates a series of initiations deeper  and deeper into the essence of Tantra, an  understanding of sacred sex and of the  energy body. The client is encouraged to be  less and less the passive recipient of a massage  and more and more an active participant  through breathing techniques and energy  body movements. 


  • Earth: expanding genital pleasure  into whole body pleasure, moving from  stimulation to sensitivity 
  • Fire: from physical body pleasure to  energy body pleasure 
  • Air: breathing to fan the free and open  the heart
  • Water: letting go 
  • Spirit: the body as your temple 
  • Sacred sex: entering the ecstatic  dreamtime 


  • Big Draw
  • Yab yum massage 
  • Yin yang touch 
  • Magic wand massage
  • In addition, this module will cover how to set up a Tantra massage practice, code  of ethics, promotion, legal matters, dealing  with customers, finances, personal safety and  boundaries, hygiene, insurance and other  relevant themes. 

Peer Group Support 

Being a tantric massage practitioner can  be a lonely profession and getting together  with others who share your passion without  competition can be really supportive and  refreshing.  This training creates an opportunity to share  existing skills and learn from each other, as well as the ongoing support of working  deeply together.  We anticipate there will be opportunities  for peer group practice between the formal  training.  Our aim is that these relationships will go  well beyond the training year, enabling  you as a practitioner to feel part of a bigger  tantric family that will support you in years  to come  

Datum konání: 11.06.-15.06.2018
Výuka (tlumočení) v jazyce: Anglicky, Česky


Price per Module    1 200 PLN  

Module 4 - For Professional Practitioners - Creating a step-by-step initiation into Tantra for a client 

June 11-15 2018 Place: Tantra Center, Cernivsko, near Prague, Czech Republic.

Facilitated by John Hawken and Freya Wolna 

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