Fusion of Tantra,Bio-Energetics,Shamanism &Dark Eros

Datum konání: 16.06.-17.06.2018
Místo konání: Pathway Studios, Manchester, UK   ukázat na mapě
Výuka (tlumočení) v jazyce: Anglicky

This is a 2 day event (10:00 -19:30 Saturday, 10:00-17:00 Sunday)

We are delighted to bring John Hawken, an internationally renowned teacher of Tantra, Bio-Energetics, Tantra Massage, Dark Eros and Shamanism, to the North of England for the first time in over a decade. John is the only person in our experience who has successfully brought together all the paths. He is one of the few teachers who we believe provides the opportunity for a true integration between the physical and the spiritual and who also understands and teaches the true potential of the energy body alongside the physical body.

In this workshop John will take you on a path of transformation using a fusion of exercises and teachings from Tantra, Bio-Energetics, Shamanism and Dark Eros. This event is not to be missed as after this weekend, due to his International demands, he will not be teaching again in the UK during the rest of 2018 and currently has no events planned in the UK for 2019.


John is one of the most experienced teachers of tantric energy work in Europe and has been guiding transformative journeys for the last 30 years. He trained with Margot Anand as a licensed teacher of SkyDancing Tantra, has taught tantra full time for 20 years, founding SkyDancing UK in 1992 and thus being the first to bring Tantra to the UK. He fuses in with his tantra training, bioenergetics and shamanic practices from the twisted hair shamanic path (weaving together Celtic and Native American tribal traditions) which he learnt directly from Arwyn Dreamwalker and the Quodoushka fire medicine teachings of Swift Deer. 

His teachings are based on very grounded existential tantra which integrates the light and the dark, the heaven and the earth, the spirit and the body. He teaches both couples and singles how to find one´s power, how to take more pleasure out of life and the key for all of this: how to open one´s heart. 

Dark Eros is his extremely popular training exploring our existential sexuality based on the transformation of fear and guilt and of anger and blaming into contact, pleasure and love. It gives the opportunity to play consciously with the themes of power over and under, dominance and submission. Through this we find how our true expression of our self may be suppressed and with it our pleasure and life force. 

Bio-Energetics is based on how our body reacts to life events and how the energy of those events is transferred into our cells, organs and overall being. John has been teaching Bio-Energetics based on the work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen for decades and due to his belief that we cannot transform and expand with our body and energy being in a stress state, he has expanded on the work of Reich and Lowen to bring us Beyond Bio-Energetics, a path that explores the energy in our bodies from a place of relaxation and being conscious about our responses. 

For more about John’s rich life path please read here 
You can see John talk about the paths here.
John is also the author of the book Realizations, which is available as an e-book on Amazon (

This workshop is open to people over the age of 18 of all genders and orientations, singles, couples and others are all equally welcome. 

The doors will open on Saturday at 09.00 am for registration with the workshop proper starting at 10.00 am after which there will be no admittance. On Sunday the doors will be open at 9.30 am for once again a 10 am start. The event will finish at 7.30 pm on Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday.

You are invited to bring lunch for yourself or vegetarian food to share and eat with us at the Studio.

It is recommended that you bring your own sheet, massage oil and also a sarong or lunghi.

The cost is as follows (please see our refund policy):
STOP PRESS: 6 Tier 2 Tickets available at £189 +£6.89 PayPal fee
Full Price: £199 + £7.21 PayPal fee

There are a limited number of concession tickets available. Please message us if you think this applies to your circumstances.

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